induction heater circuit schematic and its Working
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Simple IGBT Based Induction Heater Circuit and its Working

An induction heater circuit is a type of device used to heat conductive materials by inducing electromagnetic currents within the material. These heaters are commonly used in industrial applications for processes such as metal melting, forging, brazing, and heat treatment. They work based on the principles of electromagnetic induction discovered by Michael Faraday. Induction Heater […]

Current Switching Circuit with Arduino
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Current Switching Circuit using Arduino

Hello friends, Current Switching Circuit using Arduino? Do you know how to switch between two power supplies or current sources using Arduino and Relays? Welcome to another interesting article, suppose you want to operate a device that can be operated based on the room temperature or a temperature inside the device, let’s understand this with […]

LED Bulbs energy saving

LED Bulbs Changing Our World

A LED Bulb is a light-emitting diode (LED) it is the best light source for any scenario. LED bulbs are changing Our World has a lifespan and electrical productivity that is a few times better than glowing lights, and essentially better than most fluorescent lights, with a few chips ready to emanate more than 100 […]