About Hackatronic

Our Website Hackatronic:

Hackatronic is a science, tech, engineering-based website. we publish contents that include electronics, facts latest technologies various electronic circuits for your project. you can build and concrete your knowledge about electronic gadgets, difficult concepts of electronics. we put articles on Arduino, Raspberry pi, various ICs (integrated circuits) PCB design. Also, we provide various types of calculators like color code calculator, 555 timers, and many more…

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide knowledge to the peoples, solve their problems. We create tools which can make peoples life easy. peoples like students, creators, and enthusiasts who love electronics and want to learn various concepts and hacks of electronics We are mainly focused on them.

Our Team:

This website was found by Abhishek Singh (administrator of the site). Our team is small and we welcome peoples who want to contribute their knowledge to our site.