RC Phase Shift Oscillator Circuit
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RC Phase Shift Oscillator Circuit Working & Applications

An RC Phase Shift Oscillator Circuit is a type of electronic oscillator that generates sinusoidal signals. It is typically consisting of an amplifier (usually an operational amplifier), resistors, and capacitors arranged in a feedback network. The phase shift network created by the resistors and capacitors causes the output signal of the amplifier to be fed […]

FM transmitter circuit diagram
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FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram and Working

In this post, we will see FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram. FM transmitter broadcasts the signal from any audio device to a standard FM radio. This transmitter is open when the signal has to be reached to some long distance.FM means Frequency Modulation. It carries the audio signal (20 – 20kHz), then it is being loaded […]

water level indicator ,bc547 transistor
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How to Make Water Level Indicator using BC547 Transistor

Learn how to make a very simple water level indicator using transistor bc547 at home in a few simple steps as follow… before starting you should have a basic knowledge of how a transistor works. watch this video for a better understanding. Basic principles: Transistor is a device which is used for amplification or switching […]

metal detector circuit
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How does metal detector works? fully explained

Introduction: A metal detector is a device that can detect metal which may not be seen directly. The simplest kind of metal detector can be made using an oscillator, two inductor coils, and a detector or indicator. Here we will talk about how does metal detector works its construction applications and the importance of metal […]

Bc547 Transistor pinout
Bc 547 transistor projects Electronics project Electronics tutorial

Top 5 BC547 Transistor Project Complete Explanation

here are the Top 5 DIY bc547 transistor projects for you. Bc-547 is an NPN bipolar junction transistor(BJT). It is widely used for power amplification and switching. The word transistor means two words, transfer and resistor. The use of a transistor is to transfer the resistance. In transistors, a small amount of current at the […]