Block Diagram of IC 74163
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IC74163 Pin Diagram, Truth Table & Counter Circuit

IC74163 Integrated Presettable Synchronous 4-bit Modulo-16 Up counter. The IC is a synchronous counter as all 4 flip-flops are integrated into the same chip & they receive the same clock pulse (clock signal). The IC74163 is a completely programmable binary counter due to its four preset inputs, which allow it to begin counting with any […]

Short circuit protection using relay
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Short Circuit Protection Using Relay For Batteries

In this tutorial, we will see how to make a short circuit protection using Relay. Many times accidentally terminals of batteries and other power supplies get short-circuited. Due to this, they get hot and start degrading. In the case of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries, they may catch fire due to short-circuit or even get blast. […]

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Interfacing ESP32 with SG90 Servo Motor

Dear friends, in this post I’ll guide you step by step about interfacing ESP32 with SG90 servo motor. It is very similar to interfacing the SG90 servo motor with the Arduino board. So without wasting time let’s get started, first I’ll tell you what are the important component that will required to complete this entire […]

Automatic Night Lamp Circuit Diagram using lm358
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Automatic Night Lamp Circuit Diagram using LDR and LM358 OPAMP

This article explains an automatic night lamp circuit diagram using LDR and LM358 OPAMP which automatically turns the LEDs ON at night and OFF when it is daytime. The sensing part which is being used for detecting the light is a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). The resistance of LDR depends on the light incident on […]

FM transmitter circuit diagram
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FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram and Working

In this post, we will see FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram. FM transmitter broadcasts the signal from any audio device to a standard FM radio. This transmitter is open when the signal has to be reached to some long distance.FM means Frequency Modulation. It carries the audio signal (20 – 20kHz), then it is being loaded […]

Circuit Diagram of LED Flasher
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LED Flasher Circuit Diagram with 555 Timer

Here we will see the LED flasher circuit diagram and how it works. Flashlights are used in vehicles to pass left-right signals. At many places where two people can not talk this LED flasher can be useful. We can give signals By flashing lights of different colors. You are familiar with the Bike turn signals […]