In this blog we will be discussing about different types of diode and symbol. A diode is basically two terminal electronic device which allows current to flow in one direction while it blocks the current in other direction.

It is made of two types of semiconductor materials namely p-type and n-type. By varying the properties of these materials different types of of diode are manufactured. Here are some different type of diodes described as follow.

  1. Schottky diode
  2. PN junction diode
  3. Avalanche diode
  4. Zener diode
  5. Light Emitting Diode
  6. Photodiode
  7. Laser diode
Zener diode
Electronics tutorial Types of Diode Zener Diode

Zener diode as voltage regulator, working & applications

Zener Diode is a special purpose PN junction diode its construction is similar to a conventional PN junction diode. Here we will discuss the working of Zener diode as voltage regulator. Overview: Zener diode is a special type of Diode specifically designed to operate in reverse biased mode. Zener diodes are available in the range […]

Shockley diode symbol
Electronics tutorial Shockley Diode Types of Diode

Shockley Diode Construction, Working and Applications

Shockley diode is a four layer (P-N-P-N) semiconductor device. Like pn junction diode It conducts in forward bias and stops conducting in reverse bias. The main difference between conventional diode and Shockley diode is, it starts conducting when the forward voltage crosses it’s breakdown voltage. It is an active components. It is named after it’s inventor William Bradford Shockley. […]

PN junction diode symbol
Electronics tutorial Types of Diode Working of Diode

Definition of Diode working and application

The definition of diode is very simple, “A diode is a two-terminal polarized electronic component which mainly conducts current in one direction and blocks in other direction. Its resistance in one direction is low (ideally zero) and high (ideally infinite) resistance in the other direction.” There are various types of Diode like Zener, Schottky, tunnel, […]