5G technology

5G technology good or bad?


5G technology is the upcoming generation of mobile communication technology. It is the 5th generation of mobile communication technology after 4G. It is 20 times faster than 4G. 4G has a peak speed of 1Gbps whereas 5G can go to 20Gbps. Here we will see whether 5G is good or bad.

Facts about 5G technology :

There are about 81 crore people using mobile in India, out of which 55 crore people use mobile internet.

5G technology advantage

In India, 1 person uses an average of 11 Gb Data per month. The biggest reason behind this is jio, but we’re not going to discuss this. If you write coffee it will consume 6 bytes so you can think of a 500 to 800 Mb’s movie is having how much information.

The main task of the Internet is to transfer data from one place to another place with minimum latency.

Latency: Here latency means the time interval between the transfer of data from one place to another.

To run the internet we use electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light.

All internet devices in the world are connected to the internet via optical fiber or electromagnetic waves.

The data that you browse on your phone travels from the data center to a cellphone tower in your area. Then it reaches your phone via electromagnetic waves (EM waves).

Optical fibers are the backbone of the Internet. In optical fibers, the data travels at the speed of light. The speed of the internet mainly depends on cell tower technology. Frequency of radio waves and bandwidth of radio waves. Today we have the fastest internet technology which is 4G. It is sufficient for web surfing, for watching a high-resolution video and live gaming like pubg.

But many industries will change drastically after the arrival of 5G technology. like the health care industry, the aviation industry automobile industry and many more.

5G technology example and best uses in India

advantages and disadvantages of 5g

Health and medical:

In India, there is one doctor per 100 people, in rural areas the situation is even more critical. Due absence of good doctor people lose their life, but if 5G will reach these rural areas, a doctor seating anywhere in the world can directly check the health of a person, and also he can do robotic surgery with help of 5G via operating some devices.

If we will try it with 4G then it will not work properly because the speed and latency of 4G are not up to the mark ( which is (300ms-400ms) second. But the latency of 5G is only 30 to 40 millisecond. so a doctor can easily operate. For example, if a doctor seating in America performs telerobotic surgery on a patient who is in India. If he makes a cut in America, the machine in India will perform the same task after 30 milliseconds exactly in real-time.


In mobile games like pubg we have seen that many times when we try to kill our enemy we become late and get killed. It is due to the low speed of the Internet and ping time. If we play the same game on 5G speed we can enjoy and can perform better than other 4G users because the ping time in 5G will become too short that we will be playing faster than other 4G users.

Problem with 5G technology

About 5G technology we can not say anything surely but it depends on the companies which have tested 5G. The 5G will use a bandwidth of 40GH to 300GH which are the millimeter waves. Here is a problem that millimeter waves cannot travel long distances. Buildings, trees, or any solid object can stop these waves which lead to disturbance and slow speed of the Internet.

1.)To solve these problems we will use a group of small cellphone towers which will directly Emmitt radiation to Target phones

2.) Multiple inputs multiple outputs:

Wherever the data is transmitted is due to the antenna of cell- tower today there are approximately 10-13 antennas per cell-tower which will become almost 100.

3.)Full duplex: early it was like only one person can talk on the phone at a time. so peoples were using over-and-out terms to indicate that their talk is over. because the information cannot travel from both sides simultaneously due to a single low power antenna. But in full-duplex technique, there is a circular bi-pass which allows two-way information Flow so that both people can talk simultaneously.

Scientific research and criticism:

Many scientists and researchers have claimed that 5G can have a dangerous effect on humans and other animals’ health. It can harm the environment and may change the natural process.

If the frequency of waves becomes more than the limited value then it can damage our skin, cells, and DNA also. Few organizations doctors and environmentalists said that we should stop deployment of 5G. Because it is a very dangerous experiment with humanity. which is against international law. Early theses millimeter waves were used to scatter the crowd. These waves cause inflation and body pain.

In our bodies, the information flows in the form of electrical impulses. These waves can affect the information flow in our bodies. They can affect the mental health of a person so these waves are risky to use for communication.

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