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Internet of Things (IOT)

Definition of IOT:

Internet of Things (IOT) means physical devices connected to the Internet that are able to interact, communicate, and share the data collected by them with each other through the internet in order to make human life easier and automated.

The concept of a network of smart devices was discovered in 1982 at Carnegie Mellon University. A modified Coke vending machine was the first Internet-connected appliance. It was able to report its inventory whether newly loaded drinks were cold or not.

The term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton in a presentation to Proctor& Gamble in the year 1999. Ashton is a co-founder of MIT’s Auto-ID Lab. He also pointed out that Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is essential to the IOT.

Internet of Things

IoT is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects.

These devices contain an Embedded electronics system with Internet connectivity and other hardware and sensors.

They can communicate and interact with others devices over the Internet, and they can remotely monitor and controll each other.

IOT has evolved due to the convergence of multiple technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, real-time analytics, commodity sensors, embedded systems, wireless sensors, networks, control systems, automation and others all contribute to enabling IOT.

IoT technology will be the most important thing in feature automation.

The concept of the “smart home” involves devices and appliances such as lighting fixtures, thermostats, home security systems, automated door lock systems smart speakers, TVs, and other home appliances that support one or more common ecosystems, and can be controlled via devices associated with that ecosystem, such as smartphones and other hand gadgets like smartwatch and fitness bands.

The concept of IOT has faced too much criticism. Especially regarding privacy and security of users’ data, as the IOT devices share their data with each other. A hacker may hack a device and misuse the data of users to harm them. So it is important to make things secure before giving them to a common user.

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