IC 7493 4 bit binary counter
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IC 7493 4 Bit Binary Counter Circuit Designing

IC 7493 is a 4 bit binary counter IC, it is composed of 4 JK Flip Flop. Out of which 3 are connected together and 1 is alone, it is consists of a mod 8 counter and a mod 2 counter. Together they make a mod 16 counter.

Specifications of 74LS93 IC:

7493 4 bit binary counter IC

  • It has two clock inputs.
  • 4-Bit Binary Counter IC
  • The typical Operating Voltage is 5V
  • The input clock frequencies are 32MHz and 16MHz.
  • The output High and Low voltages are 3.5V and 0.25V.
  • This is a 14 pin DIP (Dual in-line) package IC

Pin Description of IC 7493:

IC 7493 Pin Description

IC 7493 Applications:

Frequency divider and counter.

It is used to create a long time delay.

This IC is used in timing related application

By using this IC few microcontroller-based applications can be done.

It is commonly used in divide by 2, divide by 8, and divide by 16 applications.

4 Bit Binary counter using IC 7493:

IC 7493 4 bit binary counter

As you can see in the diagram there is a 4-bit ripple counter using 7493 IC. It is composed of two counters a mod 2 counter and another is mod 8 counter. CLKA is the clock input for the first counter and CLKB is the clock input for the second counter. R0(1) and R0(2) are the two reset pins of this counter. They are connected to the ground to enable the counter IC. QA, QB, QC, and QD are the four output pins of this IC.  This IC counts from 0 to 15 which is in binary from 0000 to 1111.

Also, it can be used as a Mod-8 counter just by using only CLKB, this makes it a mod-8 counter. It counts from 0 to 7 that is 000 to 111.

The third mode is Mod-2 in this mod it switches from 0 to 1. This mode is used to divide the input frequency by 2.

See the Proteus simulation output:


IC74163 Pin Diagram, Truth Table & Counter Circuit


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