CD4033 counter circuit
Counter Circuits Electronics tutorial

0 to 99 Counter Circuit using 555 Timer and CD4033 IC

In this project, we will be making CD4033 counter circuit. a mod-100 counter circuit (0 to 99). We are using a 555 timer, CD4033 counter 7 segment display, and some other components. It is a very simple counter circuit. Counter circuits are often used to count objects, people, and many other things.

counter circuit diagram cd4033

Components required:

  • 555 timer – 1
  • CD4033 counter IC – 2
  • Seven segment display (common cathode) – 2
  • Push-button – 1
  • 10uf Capacitor – 1
  • 100k resistor – 1
  • 5V power supply

Circuit explanation:

In the 555 timer pin 2,6 and 7 are shorted and connected to the capacitor C1. pin 4 and 8 are connected to Vcc. pin 3 is the output pin. In the case of CD4033 IC pin 1 is the clock input. pin 15 is the reset pin, by applying +Vcc you can reset the count to 0. PIN 6,7,9,10,11,12,13 are given to the seven-segment display.

555 timer working:

We are using 555 timer in astable multivibrator mode. In this mode, it generates clock pulse of desired frequency.

You can use it in monostable mode to manually give clock pulse.

CD4033 counter for 7 segment display:

CD4033 is a counter for 7 segment display. If we use counter ic like 7490, you can make a 7490 decade counter circuit but we have to use a separate seven-segment decoder IC LM7447 seven-segment decoder IC which will increase the cost and complexity. That’s why we are using CD4033 IC, it is easy to use.

Digital counter circuit diagram

Seven Segment Display:

To count from 0 to 99 we need two seven-segment displays. Both are common cathode displays.

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Counter circuit using 555 timer

Working of Counter Circuit using 555 timer:

For the counter to count it needs clock pulses. The 555 timer is working in astable multivibrator mode, It generates clock pulses.

The output of the first counter is given to seven-segment display. It gives the least significant bit LSB of count. The final carry is given as output to the next IC as input clock. This IC gives count for MSB ( maximum significant bit).

While counting if you want to reset the circuit press the reset button. It will make the count 00.

This is how the CD4033 counter circuit using 555 timer works.


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  1. Your project is nice and useful, I have a question, can you please publish up down counter by this IC cd 4033 ?

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