IC74193, Up/Down Counter, Pin Configuration & Data sheet.
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IC74193, Up/Down Counter, Pin Configuration, Datasheet

IC 74193 is a 4-bit presettable synchronous MODULO-16 Up/Down binary counter IC. IC74193 has two separate clock input pins to count up and count down, the output is synchronous with the clock inputs. The separate Terminal Count Up & Terminal Count Down are provided which is useful for designing higher counter or cascading the IC74193. The […]

Types of flip flop and their working
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What is Flip Flop Circuit Truth Table and Various Types of Flip Flops

What are flip flops in electronics? A flip-flop is an electronic circuit that can store single-bit binary data either logic 0 or logic 1. Basically, a flip flop is a Bistable multivibrator that changes its output depending on the input. Flip Flops are of two types edge triggered and level triggered. State of an Edge […]

7490 mod 10 counter
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7490 Decade Counter Circuit (Mod-10) Designing

IC 7490 is Asynchronous mod-10 Counter IC. In this article, we are going to study IC 7490 Decade Counter Circuit. IC 7490 is also known as BCD Counter, Decade Counter, and mod-10. These names are given based on the Functionality and Working Principle of IC 7490.  Counter Designing using 7490 IC: In the discussion of Counter ICs, some basic […]