12V to 230V Inverter Circuit Diagram using 555 timer IC

12V to 240V Inverter using 555

The circuit in this article shows you a simple way to build a 12v to 230v inverter circuit diagram of 100watt power using 555 IC. 555 is a timer ic which is used to generate time delay. On these properties, it can be used to make a power inverter. CD4047 Inverter circuit This Inverter does not meet a standard sinusoidal inverter. It is a square wave inverter it can deliver 50W to 100W power depending on the battery. It may have noise due to the absence of a feedback circuit.…

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Automatic Battery Charger circuit using LM358 OP-AMP

Automatic Battery charger circuit

This Automatic battery charger circuit cuts-off power supply when the battery gets fully charged. This circuit can charge any battery like Li-Po, Lead Acid, or Ni-Cd if you set it properly. Everyone needs a Battery Charger with a Battery. It charges the Lead Acid Battery up to 50Ah. You can set the battery cutoff threshold by setting a potentiometer. LM358 Comparator has been used to open the Relay points according to the threshold. You can find the LM358 OP-AMP datasheet below the article. What is an operational Amplifiers? Automatic battery charger circuit: Components: R1,…

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CD4047 Inverter, 100 watt Power, Also why its not good?

power inverter using ic CD 4047

In this project, we will make CD4047 Inverter, and also we will discuss why they are not a good solution? An inverter is a device that converts DC voltage to AC. They are very important for power backup in a remote location like villages where there is a frequent power cut off problem also in many places where there is a power cut-off problem. The inverters are expensive in the market. let’s start with our DIY CD4047inverter. So, let’s make a simple homemade inverter it is just a fun project…

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5 volt power supply Using LM- 7805 IC

5 volt power supply

Mostly we need a 5-volt power supply for micro-controllers, digital chips, op-amps, etc. So, we want a small as well as reliable 5v power supply. The article is completely about such a type of power supply. We are using LM-7805 IC to build a 5-volt power supply. 7805 is a 5V fixed three-terminal voltage regulator. The IC has internally safe operating features such as short-circuit,  over-current, thermal shutdown protection which makes the IC very reliable to make a simple 5V power supply. Must see various type of voltage regulators  The…

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