Digital Dice Roller using 555 timer & IC 4022

Digital dice roller

This low cost and non-partial Digital dice roller ensure a fair play and equal chance to all participants. Small enough to be carried around in a pocket, it would prove to be an ideal companion in indoor and outdoor games like ludo, Snake&Ladder, etc. Since times immemorial the six-faced cube, ever since the man invented it, has always been of immense importance in all kinds of games. Here is an electronic version of the dice which is just the very thing to accompany the modern electronic games. This digital dice…

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Simple Door Phone Circuit

Door Phone Circuit

A Door phone circuit provides a two-way conversation and allows you to identify a caller before opening a door. It is a requirement of modern homes to ensure safety and security. This door phone circuit allows the house owner to converse and acquire the required information ( e.g, who he is and what is the purpose of his visit etc. )before opening the door to a visitor. The phone incorporates an in-built musical doorbell. It allows a two-way conversation and can operate on mains or a 9volt battery. The complete…

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water level indicator using bc547 transistor

water level indicator ,bc547 transistor

Learn how to make a very simple water level indicator using transistor bc547 at home in a few simple steps as follow… before starting you should have a basic knowledge of how a transistor works. watch this video for a better understanding.   Basic principles: Transistor-is a device which is used for amplification or switching of electrical signals. Here we are using an NPN bipolar junction transistor(BJT) bc547. It has three terminals, 1.) Emitter 2.) Base 3.) Collector In this project, we will use the switching property of transistors, which…

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How does metal detector works? fully explained

metal detector circuit

Introduction: A metal detector is a device that can detect metal which may not be seen directly. The simplest kind of metal detector can be made using an oscillator, two inductor coils, and a detector or indicator. Here we will talk about how does metal detector works it’s construction applications and the importance of metal detectors in our normal life. For better understanding, you can watch this video? Components required: 1- Transistor BC 547 2- Transistor S9012 × 2 3- Electrolytic capacitor100uf 4- Resistor200k 5- Resistor 2k 6- Resistor 470…

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Bc547 transistor project

Bc547 Transistor pinout

here are the Top 5 DIY bc547 transistor project for you. Bc-547 is an NPN bipolar junction transistor(BJT). It is widely used for power amplification and switching. The word transistor means of two words, transfer and resistor. The use of a transistor is to transfer the resistance. In transistors, a small amount of current at the base terminal controls a larger amount of current at the emitter and collector. BC547 has three terminals as in other transistors. 1. collector terminal 2. base terminal and 3. emitter terminal respectively.   The…

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